General Counsel Resume Examples

The general counsel position has become more popular among legal professionals in recent times. This is due to the immense popularity of the job among law school graduates. However, popularity aside, there’s still the issue of developing the ideal general counsel resume, one that will wow any legal department that’s hiring. 

The general counsel job is one of the most important positions within a company’s corporate governance fabric. 

This makes it even more necessary to accumulate a resume that reflects your expertise and experience in a specific area of employment law and corporate compliance

In case you’re seeking a career in corporate legal matters, read on. In this article, I’ll give 7 important general counsel resume samples that you can emulate during your career in law.

Let’s get into it.

7 Top General Counsel Resume Examples

The majority of larger companies need some sort of in-house corporate counsel or legal research guide to help them navigate various legal issues.

The term ‘legal counsel’ encapsulates several areas of legal advice and corporate legal affairs.

These include:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Legal risk management
  • Contract negotiation
  • General arbitration
  • Human resources 

The professional resume templates in this list include these areas of counsel and more. 

1. General Counsel (In-House)

Directed an in-house legal department in all matters of internal jurisprudence and advice, as well as lent the considerable experience in every aspect of contracting, billing, and acquisitions to help navigate the legal side of business development.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Developed all deal and transaction documents related to home acquisition, hospice care, medical professional groups, living facilities, and medical equipment.
  • Reviewed and revised all contracts and paperwork drafted by the host company and in relation to all affiliates.
  • Performed all due-diligence related to acquisitions for health and general regulatory issues, as well as drafted summaries for diligence.
  • Created survey and accreditation guidelines and policies for complete compliance with the Joint Commission certification requirements.
  • Performed daily research on multiple regulatory topics including noncompetition agreements, corporate practice of medicine, and licensing laws.

Furthermore, oversaw the development and implementation of the company-wide compliance program, while ensuring that both in-house employees as well as third-party contractors operate as per the set guidelines. 

2. Assistant General Counsel

Served in an advisory capacity to the board of directors at a real estate venture firm, and advised senior management in developing legal strategy related to procurement, securities, business diversification, and divestitures.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Represented the company’s interests in various contracts, transactions, mergers, and misc. ventures, as well as directed the course of action towards such operations.
  • Provided legal advice on federal, state, and local regulatory compliance issues, employment laws, etc.
  • Oversaw large transactions, settlements, and other major financial ventures on behalf of the parent company.
  • Assisted in developing and implementing several corporate finance strategies and mergers with offshore firms, while ensuring compliance with merger regulations in foreign markets.
  • Led the disclosure committee and implemented standard practices to ensure compliance across the board. 

Furthermore, helped develop operational strategies for buildings in new locations and represented the company in multiple legal settlements.

3. General Counsel and Vice President-HR

Served as the prime legal officer for a company with 1,000+ employees, with revenue consistently exceeding $1B and hiring plans to expand the employee base to 1,500 within a 12-month period. Also assisted the HR team with financial decisions pertaining to employee compensation.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Managed company staff of 100+ reports and misc. outside counsel/law firms, as well as several external contractors hired on a recurring basis.
  • Worked with outside legislators and several special interest groups as prime legislative liaison on matters of policy and regulations.
  • Provided technical training and assistance to ensure complete compliance and drafted legislation as needed.
  • Investigated alleged and suspected violations of law such as discrimination, conflicts of interest, fraud, and ethical violations.
  • Advised managers and executives regarding legal issues pertaining to company human resources.

Additionally, investigated misuse of company resources and other (related) incidents of fraud, while maintaining a record of all standard operating procedures to single out instances of negative practice.

4. Deputy General Counsel

Served as an authority of security and legal filings such as NDAs, Forms 8-k and 10-k, customer and vendor agreements, acquisition documents, as well as lines of credit. Also directed the legal department in global sales litigation and organization. 

Primary Responsibilities

  • Developed and directed legal operations within departments such as investor relations, human resources, and accounting. 
  • Chaired the enterprise-wide risk-management committee and implemented improvements in the risk management fabric
  • Standardized a customer contracting process which led to administrative efficiencies.
  • Provided anti-kickback and false claims training to all new and experienced staff.
  • Addressed NYSE requirements, corporate governance, and various other directorial issues in shareholder meetings. 

Additionally, addressed multiple issues related to employee benefits and regulatory compliance.

5. Global Regulatory Counsel

Managed legal product compliance for food and beverage in a number of international markets while implementing regulatory protocols. In addition to that, ensured ingredient qualification for all products.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Lent international regulatory expertise in food and beverage, as well as medical devices and drugs. 
  • Performed risk evaluation and management for marketing, sales, and import-export activities.
  • Addressed concerns of global regulatory agencies and provided relevant solutions.
  • Oversaw development of product promotional material, approval of marketing literature, and product development initiatives.
  • Drafted and approved corporate transactions, contracts, and various research and development projects.

Additionally, reviewed all ongoing business operations and technical procedures to ensure that they are up to federal, state, and local codes. 

6. Assistant General Counsel – Compliance

Served in an advisory capacity to maintain federal and state regulatory compliance on business practices and operating procedures. Also performed oversight of employee-specific activities and compensatory policy development. 

Primary Responsibilities

  •  Reviewed and approved policies pertaining to environmental matters, such as waste disposal and alternative fuel usage.
  • Ensured compliance within industrial facilities and construction site enforcement, as well as illicit discharge enforcement.
  • Managed total caseload related to collection matters, property rights, and torts.
  • Prepared memorandum and reviewed questions regarding fact situations and public policy.
  • Drafted and negotiated licenses, administrative rules and regulations, rights in land, and misc. property, and easements.

Overall, made sure the company operated as per incumbent laws and regulations on all fronts. 

7. General Counsel, Senior VP, and Secretary

Functioned as the primary legal authority (senior lawyer) chief ethics officer, corporate secretary, and non-regulatory compliance officer for a Fortune 500 company. Managed major compliance and forensic reviews for large-scale financial fraud.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Drafted and negotiated complicated regulatory compliance opinions for all proposed acquisitions.
  • Oversaw and completed major asset acquisition and all accompanying financial transactions.
  • Managed coverage-based disputes with all involved officers and directors, as well as between the company and errors and omissions carriers.
  • Structured critical thinking in a way that prevents a requirement for unobtainable lender consent.
  • Transitioned the company to NYSE (formerly in NASDAQ) without the need of any outside counsel.

Additionally, assisted the leadership in creating cost-effective operational measures that maintain compliance and prevent the need for expensive legal proceedings. 

Developing the Ideal General Counsel Resume

Any legal resume, be it an attorney resume or litigation portfolio, needs to have a diverse range of legal applications and activities in it.

This is to show that the individual has had a wide range of responsibilities and has performed in several different roles within a legal department (corporate or government) throughout their years of experience.

Additionally, the resume format itself should be constructed according to the individual’s credentials and should be accompanied by a cover letter from a reputable source.

A resume builder can help job seekers develop a cv that will help recruiters notice all your experience as part of a legal team. 

Ending Note

Whether you’re on a LinkedIn job search within the realm of legal counseling or progress an already existing career in the same field, you need the perfect resume to carry your achievements and experience to any potential employer. 

In light of this, it makes sense for job seekers to work on crafting a resume that impresses recruiters and guarantees your professional progress in corporate legal affairs.

In conclusion, the best course of action for the modern general counsel hopeful is to research the important areas of practice today and diversify their knowledge in order to become more valuable legal professionals

By Josh Fechter

Josh Fechter is a partner at Corporate Compliance HQ and has founded several companies in software and training.